Copy of Thermal treatment plant


The dehydrated sewage sludge is mineralized within the thermal treatment plant. This step is closing the cycle of the sewage sludge. 24.000 metric tons of dewatered sludge are reduced to approximately 2000 metric tons of ash.
This reduces truck transporting capacity of about 1000 semi-trucks to approximately 80 semi-trucks. The ash is recycled and used to cover landfills. The thermal treatment plant is a two stage rotary kiln. First stage is a pyrolysis process at 300-400°C. second stage is an oxidation process at 500-600°C. Flue gas and pyrolysis gas are oxidized at 850°C within a post combustion chamber.
The heat recovery system takes out the energy from the flue gas to be used within the drying process. A bag filterhouse with a dry neutralization guarantees minimum emissions off the process.
Continuous clean gas monitoring provides maximum ecological standard of the plant.