Ida Tobl, San Lorenzo di S.

Catchment area: 1.176 km²
Lenght Plant Sewerage System: 78,32 km

A technological miracle in the mountain. It is worth a visit - and not only a virtual one!

For the cavern construction, 200,000 m3 of solid material were extracted from Mt. Tobl, for which the plant was also named. 
The construction required 740 km of drilling and 220 tonnes of explosive agent. The underground galleries' cross section is twice as big as an underground motorway tunnel's cross section. 
The total sewage line, the ventilation system centre, as well as the dosing apparatuses are installed in the galleries. Also the digestion tower, with exception of the gas area, is built into the rock. 
Only the remaining sludge line, the total gas line, the sludge drying plant and the thermal waste recycling plant are in the operational building on the surface.