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A strong team

The five wastewater treatment plants in Pustertal and their main collectors are owned by the wastewater consortium Pustertal and are managed by ARA Pustertal AG. The management contract covers all costs and services incurred, including ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and repair work for the contractually agreed operating years.

Since 2016, ARA Pustertal AG has also been commissioned with the disposal of the individual disposal systems of the 28 member municipalities. The competent management team consists of 36 employees and a graduate engineer as managing director. The team is normally on duty for 7.5 hours.

An on-call service monitors the plants around the clock.


36 staffers
28 municipalities
2.168 km² drainage area
132 km sewage pipes
24.000 tons of treated sewage sludge
7 Mio € sales volume
5 sewage treatment plants
13 million m³ annually purified waste water


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mission statement

mission statement

The company has the purpose of community and mutual promotion and pursues neither direct nor indirect profit purposes.
The primary objective of our company is the professional management of wastewater treatment plants with regard to compliance with and optimization of emissions in terms of water protection and long-term maintenance of the value of the plants.

Compliance with the legally prescribed limit values and optimisation of emissions is our top priority, taking into account economic efficiency.

organisation chart

Organisation chart

The organisation chart graphically depicts the corporate structure of ARA Pustertal AG with distribution of tasks and communication relationships.

The Administrative Bodies

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