building history Unteres Pustertal

Planning and construction of ARA Mühlbach

Start of construction: 1994
Completion: September 1999
Beginning of operation and function tests: October 1999 - November 1999
In operation: since 1st December 1999


The first state plan for sewage treatment plants in 1976 had provided for several small plants in Mühlbach, Rodeneck, Vintl and Terenten; the second state plan in 1980 provided for the Unteres Pusterta collecting sewage treatment plant for the municipalities of Mühlbach, Rodeneck, Vintl and Terenten, which founded an association in 1989 and began the first work. In 1992, the municipalities of Kiens and Pfalzen also joined the project, which meant that the project had to be revised because the merger had increased the population equivalents from 21,000 to 30,000 units. Final work began in 1994 and, after many problems, was not completed until 2003.