exhaust air treatment Tobl

exhaust air treatment

Ara Tobl attaches great importance to the fact that there are no odour emissions to the outside. For this reason, there are several odour treatment systems. The ventilation system in the tunnel is designed for an air volume of 140,000 m³/h, which corresponds to 1 - 6 air changes per hour. It ensures that the tunnels are sufficiently supplied with oxygen. The aeration and ventilation in the plant building is designed for an air volume of 14,000 m³/h and ensures that no odours are generated in the plant building. Another chemical exhaust air cleaning system was installed in the cloudy water storage basin and treats the air, which is highly enriched with ammonia. The exhaust air from the drying plant (15,000 m³/h) is treated biologically. The exhaust air is cleaned and cooled by a spray condenser with purified waste water and then passes into the 320 m² biofilter. The exhaust air of the post-thickener (13,000 m³/h) is also biologically treated there. Laboratory measurements and external measuring institutes guarantee that odour emissions are minimal.