Small sewage treatment plants

Basic data:
Registered small sewage treatment plants 1.125 slice
Types of systems: Imhoff pits, three-chamber pits, one- and two-chamber systems, special structures
Staff for the operation of the service: 2
Sewer cleaning vehicle 1

What is a small sewage treatment plant?

A small sewage treatment plant is, as the word suggests, a small sewage treatment plant. Its task is to purify domestic wastewater and to separate solid substances from the liquid substances. The liquid substances are returned to nature, whereas the solid substances are collected and disposed of. Therefore, it is important to discharge only domestic wastewater into such a plant.

Regulation at state level

Since June 2002 (decision of the provincial government dated 4.06.2012 no. 819) the municipalities have had to ensure the removal and disposal of sewage sludge, the individual disposal systems for domestic waste water.

Then what happened?

On 17.08.2015 the wastewater consortium Pustertal awarded the contract for the removal and disposal of the sewage sludge of the individual disposal systems for domestic wastewater to Ara Pustertal AG. A database was created, a sewer cleaning vehicle purchased, a driver hired and service commenced on 13 July 2016.


Work process

In order to ensure transparency, a work programme is drawn up annually, setting out the period during which the respective municipalities will be visited. In addition, citizens are contacted and informed by post and telephone. The sludge quantities of each individual disposal system must be recorded and registered by law. Every month, the waste disposal systems that have been started up and disposed of are invoiced to the respective municipalities. 2 employees ensure that the service runs smoothly.