Sludge and gas line Tobl

Sludge treatment and gas line

The sludge from the pre-clarification (primary sludge) [1] is statically dewatered in the pre-thickeners [2]. The excess sludge is removed from the final clarifier [1] and dynamically dewatered via the screening belt. It is then heated to 40°C and digested in an airtight digester [3]. The sludge stabilized in this way is then dewatered with screw presses [5].

Legend Function diagram

Sludge 5) screw press
Gas 6) To the sludge drying
Warm water 7) Gasometer
1) From the primary and secondary clarifiers 8) Gas flare
2) primary clarifier 9) Gas engine plant (BHKW)
3) digestion chamber 10) Thermal Energy
4) Post thickeners 11) Electrical Energy

The Gasline

In sludge digestion [3], microorganisms convert organic substances into CO2 and high-energy methane, which in turn is used to heat digesters and buildings. A gasometer [7] has been installed to compensate for the uneven amount of gas produced or consumed. The gas line consists of: Gasometer [7], pressure booster station, gas flare [8] and 3 gas engines [9].
The gas engines (BHKW) produce heat and electricity for the needs of the plant.

The Gasline