Disposal of small sewage treatment plants

Small sewage treatment plants and separator plants

Of the 28 member municipalities, 98.2% of households are connected to the main collector. 1.125 registered small wastewater treatment plants treat the wastewater of households in the catchment area that are difficult to access or very remote. 2 employees ensure the smooth running of the service.
With the entry into force of the State Law No. 8/2002, the municipalities had to collect and check the individual disposal systems and set up a service for the disposal of the same. ARA Pustertal AG has been entrusted with this service since 2016. On average, around 470 small sewage treatment plants are disposed of each year, resulting in around 1.400 tonnes of faeces.

The service includes:

  • Organization of transports
  • The professional disposal of small sewage treatment plants
  • Testing and analysis of faeces
  • Documentation of the delivered faeces
  • Keeping the databases up to date
  • Maintaining contacts with communities and customers

In addition, the main collector's team has set up a database of installed oil and grease separators in cooperation with the Office for Water Protection. If the oil and grease separators are properly emptied, maintained and cleaned, follow-up costs for flushing the sewers can be avoided. In the future - as required by law - inspections of these separators will therefore be carried out.