Wastewater treatment

On behalf of the communities of Pustertal

In recent decades, the consumption of water by industry, commerce and households has steadily increased. This has also led to a constant increase in the amount of various pollutants in waste water. The result is a considerable pollution of water bodies. For this reason, the waste water is collected in sewer networks and fed to the treatment plants via the main collector.

ARA Pustertal AG operates five wastewater treatment plants (ARA) and the associated main collector with a length of 132 km in the optimal catchment area 4 (OEG 4), with a catchment area of 2.168 km².
On average, the five wastewater treatment plants treat around 12.4 million cubic metres of wastewater annually.

Sewage treatment service

A team of 22 wastewater treatment plant operators ensures that the 5 wastewater treatment plants function smoothly around the clock. The interaction of people and state-of-the-art technology ensures that the wastewater can be returned to the watercourses in compliance with the legally prescribed parameters. This is what is necessary:

  • Continuous servicing and maintenance of the systems
  • Ensuring the long-term maintenance of the value of the assets
  • The modern further development of the plants
  • Demonstrate and ensure the cleaning performance of the equipment
  • The guarantee to keep our rivers clean
  • The continuous training and further education of the operating personnel
  • The exchange of information with the authorities and planning offices
Sewage treatment service

Control center

Specialists for environmental protection

The clarification specialists monitor and control the biological and mechanical cleaning processes. In order to control the quality of the cleaning performance, each wastewater treatment plant has its own laboratory where the most important parameters are measured and evaluated. You can also view these reports here.

The wastewater treatment plant operators require comprehensive training in wastewater technology, covering a broad spectrum such as mechanics, electrics, measurement and control technology as well as basic knowledge of chemistry and biology. You have therefore completed the training as a skilled sewage treatment worker at ÖWAV, the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association.
Further training plays an important role at ARA Pustertal AG, as developments in the field of wastewater technology are making great progress.

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The sewage treatment plants of ARA Pustertal AG:

ARA Tobl

ARA Innichen

ARA Wasserfeld

ARA Sompunt

ARA Unteres Pustertal