Sewer service

A team of 3 employees is available for this service. The main collector has a length of 132km and 2.125 shaft structures. 29 measuring stations continuously record the amount of waste water. 3 rainwater retention basins and various special structures are also part of the duties of the sewer inspectors.

Channel service:

  • Continuous servicing and maintenance of pipelines, special structures and measuring stations
  • The long-term maintenance of the value of the assets
  • The monitoring and release of new connections
  • Reporting faults to the main collector
  • Documenting the sewer network
  • The exchange of information with the authorities and planning offices
  • Continuing education and training

The sewer inspectors

The sewer inspectors require specialist knowledge in the maintenance and repair of sewers and special structures, as well as indirect dischargers, separator systems and measurement and control technology. ARA Pustertal AG personnel were trained for this purpose at sewer inspection courses and courses for the acquisition of specialist knowledge for separator systems, organised by the DWA and the ÖWAV.