Worldwaterday - 22.03.2024 🌊
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Project EFRE1018-PlasticFree

Discover the #PlasticFree project: we are fighting micro- and nanoplastic pollution in our ecosystems! 🌊 Plastics are everywhere, threatening our health and the environment. With project EFRE1018, we are committed to identifying and quantifying the spread of these particles in freshwater and improving the efficiency of purification systems. Join us in the fight for a cleaner and more sustainable future! #Environment #Sustainability

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Reconstruction and expansion of the Unteres Pustertal WWTP

The increasing wastewater volumes made it necessary to expand the capacity of the Unteres Pustertal WWTP.

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Results of the OptDigest research project

How can the process of biogas production from wastewater treatment plants be optimized? One of the biggest problems in this process is the formation of foam in the digesters, which leads to reduced biogas production and increased maintenance costs for the plant. A joint research project of Ara Pustertal AG, Atzwanger AG, Stuga KG and Inewa Consulting GmbH looked for causes and solutions. Now results are available.

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Optimisation work at the WWTP Innichen/Sexten

The San Candido/Sexten wastewater treatment plant has been in operation for 19 years, so various tasks were due to be carried out to optimise the plant.

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Merry Christmas!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new Year! 

The ARA Pustertal Team

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30 years of sewage plant neighborhood

The symposium "30 years of sewage treatment plant neighborhoods" in Bressanone/Brixen has shown the high standard of South Tyrol in wastewater treatment. The sewage plant attendants play a central role in this.

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Research project OptDigest started at ARA Unteres Pustertal

At the Unteres Pustertal wastewater treatment plant in MĂĽhlbach, a research project has been launched to understand the causes of foaming problems in digesters and to find effective countermeasures.

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Deployment of industrial divers at the Wasserfeld wastewater treatment plant

At the Wasserfeld WWTP, industrial divers were used to survey and clear sediments in the digestion tower.

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KI at the ARA Innichen/Sexten

Deployment of a digital real-time assistance system using artificial neural networks at the Innichen/Sexten wastewater treatment plant.

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March 22 - World Water Day!

World Water Day, established by UNESCO in 1992, aims to draw humanity's attention to the true importance of water.

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Capacity expansion at the St. Lorenzen wastewater treatment plant

Since our wastewater treatment plant in St. Lorenzen has reached its capacity limit, we had to look for ways to expand it. You can find out what has become of it here.

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New election of the Board of Directors

The Pustertal wastewater consortium has elected a new board of directors. The thermal utilisation of the sewage sludge in Tobl is being pursued.

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The agitator that has been in operation since 2008 is removed and converted to gas injection

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Interview with Bernhard Wett

Bernhard Wett gave an interview on the Triple AAA in Sompunt

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Green light for the location of the sewage sludge utilization plant at the Tobl wastewater treatment plant in the municipality of St. Lorenzen

The provincial government has given the green light for the sewage sludge treatment plant at the ARA Tobl site in St. Lorenzen.

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ARA Lower Pustertal tipped again

Once again, the biology in the ARA Unteres Pustertal has tipped over.
Since the beginning of last year, there have been repeated problems.

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Thermohydrolysis: a new process at the Tobl wastewater treatment plant

The thermal pre-treatment of excess sludge solves a number of problems and increases the efficiency of the treatment plant

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Chairman Josef "Pepi" Ausserhofer retires

For 30 years Josef Ausserhofer, affectionately known as "Pepi", was chairman of ARA Pustertal AG.
Now he has taken his well-deserved retirement and passed on the leadership to Norbert Kosta.

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Completion of the work project pipe jacking Pragser Kanal

Due to the storms of 5-6.08.2017, a section of the Braies valley collector was relocated and thus made safe from storms.

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On June 11th, 2020 about 50 liters of oil entered the sewage treatment plant, causing damage to the plant.

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Coronaviruses in wastewater as an indicator of the spread of infection

Three wastewater treatment plants in the Puster Valley participate in an epidemiological study of the University of Innsbruck

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Full operation despite Covid-19

Because of the Corona pandemic, many things cannot function as usual at the moment. Nevertheless, our sewage treatment plants remain in operation!

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The sewer is not a waste treatment plant

Whether for the baby's face, cleaning the bathroom, our buttocks or cleaning the cow's udder - there are cleaning cloths for everything. They are practical and are increasingly replacing conventional toilet paper, the good old washcloth and cleaning cloth. A further advantage: disposal. You simply throw everything into the toilet.

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Interested in an internship at ARA Pustertal AG?

We are looking for interns who want to work on our facilities and in the field in summer 2020.

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Job requirement for ARA Tobl

For the wastewater treatment plant Tobl an employee is wanted as a wastewater treatment plant technician.

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The Pustertal Valley sinks into the snow

The snow chaos in Pustertal in the middle of November also caused great problems for the sewage treatment plants.

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KAN at the Brixen wastewater treatment plant

At the KAN autumn conference of the sewage treatment plants, their representatives from the eastern half of the country met this time at the Brixen sewage treatment plant.
After the last conference took place in Tobl, this time the district community Eisacktal was the host.

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South Tyrolean sewage sludge is also processed here

At the invitation of Dabringer Recycling, the employees of ARA Pustertal visited the AGRINORD composting plant in Isola della Scala.

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World Water Day

The World Water Day was proclaimed by UNESCO and has taken place annually since 1993 on 22 March. This day has a special theme. The World Water Report will also be published on the World Day.

International World Water Day 2019 has the common theme "Leave no one behind - water and sanitation for all".

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research project ICAWER

ARA Pustertal is a participant in the ICAWER research project.

The aim of the project is to make sewage treatment plants more energy efficient and to solve local problems. This is achieved through the cooperation of universities, sewage plant and energy consultants as well as several sewage associations in Austria and Italy.

This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Interreg V-A Italy-Austria 2014-2020.

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Repair main collector St. Lorenzen

The main collector in St. Lorenzen, near the Senni dairy farm, will be repaired this year. The work was awarded by the ARA Pustertal AG in January after appropriate preliminary work, planning and tendering and will now start in March 2019.

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Pipe Ramming Pragser Kanal

ARA Pustertal AG operates the main collector in Prags from the measuring station in Prags, located in the municipality of Prags to the connection to the valley collector, which runs along the orographically left bank of the Rienz in the municipality of Niederdorf.

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Management report on the 2018 operating year

Every year, the management of ARA Pustertal AG prepares a detailed report on the past financial year.

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The indispensable sewage treatment plants

Every day 32,153 cubic metres of wastewater are produced in Pustertal. We use clean water for showering, brushing our teeth, rinsing, washing laundry and every time we go to the toilet. Polluted it becomes waste water, which was simply disposed of into the rivers a relatively short time ago. The environment suffered. Today we have five sewage treatment plants in the valley that treat the dirty water and return it clean to the rivers.

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