Completion of the work project pipe jacking Pragser Kanal


The new section was put into operation

During the storms of 5-6.08.2017 the main collector in Prague was destroyed by the water and debris over a length of about 20m. Since the collector was moved along the bank of the stream in this area, we decided to rebuild the collector in such a way that it would be spared from storms in the long term. Since the new route crosses the railway tracks as well as the state road on a length of about 40m, we decided to use a trenchless construction method for this area. The rest was dug up and laid in the usual way. A steel protection pipe Ø400mm was drilled and the new collection pipe made of PP DN 250 with spacers was inserted. Also 4 new shafts were installed.

The work was put out to tender in 2019, but could only be carried out in 2020 due to lengthy approval procedures.

The work has now been completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved and the new pipe section has been successfully commissioned.

Thanks to all authorities, the companies carrying out the work and the technicians involved.

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