South Tyrolean sewage sludge is also processed here


A modern composting plant

Agrinord Srl operates a biowaste treatment plant for urban and hazardous waste by aerobic stabilisation (composting) and anaerobic digestion for the production of organic and mixed organic soil improvers and fertilisers.

The plant treats only organic materials, e.g. from organic waste collection or from the vegetable market, waste from production and processing activities in the agricultural and food sector, hazardous waste from cleaning processes in the civil sewage and agri-food industries and green waste from the maintenance of public and private green areas.

In the plant, the transformation into humus is achieved through controlled conditions, with special material mixtures that are constantly enriched with oxygen and controlled by the laboratory. At the end of the process, the mature and refined material is marketable and ready to use.

The plant can process approx. 76600 tons of biowaste per year.