Management report on the 2018 operating year


Detailed overview of the financial year

For the 5 sewage treatment plants ARA Innichen-Sexten, ARA Wasserfeld, ARA Sompunt, ARA Tobl and ARA Unteres Pustertal and for the ARA Pustertal AG a detailed report of the plant management and a superior report of the ARA Pustertal AG were prepared and sent to all municipalities, the Office for Water Protection, the Administrative and Monitoring Boards of the ARA Pustertal AG and the Wastewater Consortium Pustertal.

In this report:

  • The functioning of the 5 sewage treatment plants are summarised in the following
  • The quintessence to be worked out
  • The organization of the enterprise will be presented
  • A comparison will be made for future improvements and synergies
  • An overview of the projects and investments to be given

Lots of interesting information

This report presents the work of ARA Pustertal AG in an impressive way. It shows, among other hings, that the five sewage treatment plants in the operating year 2018 10.529 tons of dirt from the waste water of the Pustertal, which corresponds to a number of 439 trucks with trailers, which in turn would cause a car queue of 13km.

All 5 wastewater treatment plants in Pustertal have a total of 13,229,180 m³ of wastewater in 2018. This corresponds to 1.4 times the content of Lake Antholz or 2.9 times the content of Lake Braies.

The cost-saving measures introduced in October 2012 with the wastewater consortium and the resulting the professional processing of numerous small projects has led to the fact that in the year under review, the 2018 1,122,494 kWh of electricity demand could be saved compared to 2012. Own production increased by 3,155,154 kWh compared to 2012, so that electricity purchases were reduced by a total of 4,277,648 kWh compared to 2012. The diligence of the employees, the use of new technologies and machines has therefore had a very positive monetary effect.
In 6 years, we have reduced electricity purchases by 4,277,648 kWh.

You can find this and many other interesting information here in the 2018 management report.