Repair main collector St. Lorenzen


Start of work in March

The relevant part begins in the municipality of Bruneck and ends in the municipality of St. Lorenzen at the intake structure of the Tobl sewage treatment plant. It runs along the orographically left bank of the Rienz along the footpath and cycle path and was built here in the years 1993-1995.

The collector carries the sewage of the entire Ahrntal valley, the town of Bruneck and the municipalities of Percha, Rasen Antholz and Olang.

In 2017 the canal was navigated with a camera and at that time damage was detected, which must now be repaired. Our aim is to repair the damage using the latest technology, to seal the canal and, in the long term, to maintain the value of the main public collector. This work should be completed before the end of this year.

For the time of the repair, temporary pipes will have to be laid for the waste water in order to bypass the construction site. These pipes will have to be laid along the way and will be removed when the work is finished.

We kindly ask you to excuse any short-term obstructions on the cycle path and footpath, these works are necessary to maintain the sewage network and ultimately to keep our environment clean!

The first phase of the repair work was completed at the end of July after initial start-up difficulties. The work will now be stopped and resumed at the end of the summer season.