Pipe Ramming Pragser Kanal


The main collector in Prags was built in 1988 and is therefore 30 years old. During the storms of 5-6.08.2017 the main collector was moved in the area of the railway crossing on a length of 20m from the mud masses of the Pragserbach.
This section was provisionally restored after the storms.

Professional repair

A simple repair of the collector, however, carries the risk of affecting the canal again in future storms. However, ARA Pustertal AG has found a solution to this problem:

In order to protect the sewage pipe from the stream in the long term, to avoid infiltrations or exfiltrations and to guarantee the operational safety of the collector, a new installation of the affected section is now planned in this project. This creates additional space in the stream bed for the stream water and the main collector no longer represents an obstacle for the stream water, as the new pipes are laid in the protected soil. The new route of the collector then runs orographically to the left of the Pragserbach, about 15 metres from the river bank. For this new route, however, an undercrossing of the railway line and the state road is necessary. In this section, a 42.5-metre-long drill-and-drive installation is planned to avoid obstructing rail and road traffic during the work.

In August last year, the Office for Water Protection issued a positive report for this work and the work will be carried out in the coming year.