Green light for the location of the sewage sludge utilization plant at the Tobl wastewater treatment plant in the municipality of St. Lorenzen


How it came

ARA Tobl has been recycling about 25,000 tons of sewage sludge per year for years. Of this, about 10,000 tons come from its own 5 wastewater treatment plants and the remaining 15,000 tons are delivered from 13 other wastewater treatment plants in the province of South Tyrol. Since the legal framework has changed and the plants have become outdated, it was obvious to project a plant that is able to receive and recycle all the sludge produced in the province of South Tyrol. Thus, in 2019 and 2020, we have been intensively engaged in visiting plants and collecting ideas in order to find the best solutions, according to the latest technology, for the applications here in Tobl and to put them on paper. 


Press release of the state government

The basis for the state government's decision was a study by the Swiss engineering firm EPB, based in Bern. According to the press release of the state government dated 29.04.2021, the amendment of the "Management Plan for Hazardous Waste" has now been initiated and the green light has been given for the processing plant in Tobl.