Copy of Ventilation system


During Tobl plant engineer studies, a special importance matter was the particular attention at stinks emissions monitoring.
For this reason, various air treatment plant systems was provided. Galleries ventilation was dimensioned for an air flow rate of 140.000 m³/h, equal to 1 to 6 air changes per hour.
These kinds of applications guarantee a continuous development of oxygen into the galleries.
The factory ventilation system was dimensioned for an air flow rate of 14.000 m³/h and guarantee that in the warehouse no one kind of stinks.
Chemical treatment is positioned into the drying plant area, and provides an efficient air treatment of the factory. Was dimensioned for an air flow rate of 15.000 m³/h, equal to 6 air changes per hour.
Another chemical treating plant is positioned into the surnatant water accumulation basin and treats air with no ammonia contents.
The exhausting air coming from the drying plant (15.000 m³/h) is biologically treated. The air is flowed into a injection condenser, is treated and cooled with biologically treated water and now putted on the 320 m² surface bio-filter.
Into the bio-filter the air coming from the thickeners (13.000 m³/h) is also biologically treated. Periodical Analysis are made by external institutes, guarantying that all atmospheric emissions are under the minimum level.